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Discover our top-notch services in panel beating,
spray painting and restoration

We have established working relationships with all insurance companies in Western Australia, helping to ensure that your claim proceeds quickly and smoothly.

Panel Beating

From small dents to major panel damage, we are equipped to provide quality auto body repairs.

•   Removing, replacing and fixing damaged panels

•   Repairing dents and scratches with specialty fillers

•   Filling and sanding the bodywork to ensure a              smooth finish

•   Realigning the body framework and chassis 

•   Windscreen replacement

•   Rust repairs


Spray painting


From a respray to a complete paint job we can do the job. We use the highest quality paints available to ensure your paint job will last. With our purpose-built spray booth, we are able to handle large vehicles such as buses, semi-trailers and boats, as well as regular everyday cars.

We can paint anything!

•    Colour matching

•    Vehicle paint repairs

•    Full resprays

•    Custom colours

•    Buffing and polishing to make your vehicle shine

•    Rust proofing

•    Industrial painting



We provide a one stop restoration shop to fully restore vehicles (and more!).


We use the highest quality materials and paint to restore your vehicle back to mint condition.

•    Rust repairs

•    Body repairs

•    Custom panel work

•    Specialty work

•    Paint refinishing 

•    Panel fabrication


We can do custom jobs. Give us a call!

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