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How far we have come!

Jurien Bay Panel & Paint established in 2013. At 6 Gypsum Street, first renting a property to see how we would go in a country town, with limited people spread over a large area, taking in Cervantes, Jurien Bay , Green Head and Leeman & surrounding towns.

With no-other Automotive repairers in the area, we are grateful to have this opportunity to service the area.

After a year in trading we quickly learnt that the town really needed a Automotive smash repairer, with the countless kangaroos & emus on our roads.

May 2016, we had the opportunity to purchase the property.

Adding another shed to expand our panel shop department as the work was becoming stable and increasing everyday. We just ran out of room!

Concrete slap going down!

Adding a 4 bay shed

Signs going up on the front office

Just need to finish the painting!

More improvements to come!

Our New Logo! thanks to Turquoise Coast Computers in Jurien Bay, for the design and computer package to complete the image.

New Logo

Office front Upgrade with new Awing and Work shop look

Westcoast Painting Contractors - to bring in some class

Colours sorted

What do you think? Modern and bright? Thank you! Westcoast Painting Contractors- Looks Awesome!

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