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This was restored by Jurien Bay Panel & Paint as a tribute to Belinda's father Ron Trembath in 2016 after owning the troopy for more than 10 years and travelling Australia many times over. After his death in 2014,

We had the vehicle sent over from Kiama NSW to Perth WA by car carrier and then driven up to Jurien Bay WA to be restored.

The canvas pop top was taken off and taken away by Coastal Trimming in Jurien Bay to be completely designed and remade. With a new mattress and the front car seats were also re-upholstered.

Then the stripping of the vehicle begins, right back to a bare shell.

All the rust holes treated with rust kill. All the Inside interior and outside fittings was completely removed.

Into the Panel shop department for rust repairs and dents removed, pieces made, sanded back, scrapped, and molded, this process took weeks and a lot of work.

Then onto the Paint Shop Department where it is primed inside and out and get it ready for painting

Painting process begins in 2 PAC white.

Then onto the reassembling, with new rubbers, tinted windows and back door blacked.

Canvas pop top put back on by Coastal Trimming, Send down to Jurien Auto Electrics to be re-wired for the lights, connections.

A full mechanical Service and a new suspension fitted by Jurien Tyre & Auto.

Then back to Jurien Bay Panel & Paint for the final touches, and installation of a pull out camping kitchen, which it did not have previously, a Bat Wing Awning was also installed.

2017 Road test driving back to QLD, NSW, & VIC via SA then back to Jurien Bay where it has been sold and it still lives in Jurien Bay today.

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